Access to superconducting magnets

The superconducting magnets are available the whole year in line with the research group in charge of the magnet requested.

All requests for access to our superconducting magnets should be submitted through the application form « proposal_form_supra.pdf  » and sent by e-mail to

Applications can permanently be submitted without any deadline. They will be evaluated upon arrival by the LNCMI. Selection criteria are scientific quality and feasibility of the project.

Please note that, prior to submitting your application, you are advised to get in touch with your local contact to make sure that the experimental conditions requested can be made available and to fine-tune your proposal.

Please click here to contact the appropriate research group for your project on a superconducting magnet or send an e-mail to the coordinator if you don’t know who to contact.

Limited possibilities exist for financial support for users with UK or Polish affiliation who are paying members of EMFL. For further information, you are kindly asked to send a request to

Available superconducting magnets and associated local contacts