Arrival and departure procedures

Before arrival

For organisation and safety reasons, you need to inform us!

Experiments on resistive magnets : please follow the instructions of the EMFL user guide.

Experiments on superconducting magnets : please follow the instructions below :


Please fill out the form below « Admin Form » listing all the users participating in your experiment and send it by e-mail to at least 10 days before arrival.

If this is your first visit to LNCMI, please return it along with a photo and a copy of the passport of each participant. We will prepare an access clearance and a badge so you can enter the laboratory.

Important ! It is up to each user to check with the nearest French consulate or embassy whether a visa is necessary to travel to France. Please inform the user office as soon as possible if specific documents are needed from us to facilitate your formalities.

Upon arrival

When you arrive please make yourself known at the Users office (opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

We will give you an access badge, a canteen card, the key of the rooms if booked and provide you with any required information about accommodation and other administrative matters.

If you plan to arrive during the weekend or outside opening hours, please find a prior arrangement with your local contact.

Departure procedure

Before you leave, don’t forget to:

  • pay for your guest room and leave the key (if you stayed in the lab’s guest rooms)
  • leave your badge and cantine card – a mailbox situated outside the CNRS doors is available for this in case you leave outside office opening hours

If you have financial support of the LNCMI, don’t forget to:

  • don’t forget to check with Alexandra Gasparini (Users office) if your file is complete.
  • sign the forms with the Users support office

When you get back home, don’t forget to send us the original invoices of your return trip, allowing for the reimbursement of your visit.    Use the envelope you received for this matter addressed to :

Alexandra Gasparini


25 rue des Martyrs

BP 166

38042 Grenoble

Please note that your expenses will only be reimbursed once this departure procedure is fully completed.